About Nichuapada Chhau !

We have been registered our organization on the year 1992-93. From that day we have taken different steps for development of Chhau, Culture and the Social Development of the local people. We are organizing our Annual Function and Annual Sports every year on 12th and 13th June. We provide Dance and Music Training to our artists regularly, also we perform our programme in different part of our states as well as the country and gained good name and fame for our institution. Most of the artists of our institution are graduate post graduate and matriculate. Every year we are participating in Mayurbhanj Chhau Competition and having position, during last 5 years continuously we got 1st position. 8 member of our institution have got National Senior young Artist Scholarship, and 2 members of our institution have got National Junior Artist Scholarship till now. We audit our documents and organize meeting in regular time interval. Beside these we arrange different awareness camp for development of our people. And we also protect Forest, Planting Plants, Clean Street, Pond, Well etc.

Work and Activity

We give Dance and Music training in Chhau and other traditional arts to the young artists regularly. We have also two Troup of senior artist who regularly practice dance and music in our akhala, we also organized our annual function and annual sports namely Raja Mahatsav on 12th and 13th June every year. At the same time we regularly protect forest, planting plants, cleans pond, well and village street and time to time organize awareness camp and health camp.

Aim and Objects of our Institution

To developed Chhau, culture activity, sports and social life style of the people of Mayurbhanj .


Our office is situated at Nichuapada, which is located about 16 K.M from Baripada and 35 K.M from Amarda Railway station and Jagannath Highway. One can visit us by bus or train. The nearest railway stations are Baripada, Jaleswar and Balasore.Total members :50 No.of Artists:45


Our organization also affiliated with NGO partnership system and Mayurbhanj Chhau nrutya pratisthan where the president is Mayurbhanj collector. New Dance Creation of our Institution

1. Manamanthan
2. Basanta Bihar
3. Bhatrumilan
4. Pitrubhakta Parshuram
5. Param Brahma
6. Malika Arjun
7. Sradhanjali (Project in Hand)



Umesh Chandra Mohanta
IA Pass, Social Worker
Sushanta Kumar Mohanta
Vice President
+2 Pass Artist
Chaitanya Mohanta
+2 Pass
Haripada Mohanta
Asst. Secretary
+3 Pass, Artist and Social Worker
Kali Charan Mohanta
B.C.A Pass
Pitamber Mohanta
Asst. Treasurer
B.A ,B. Ed, ArtistTeacher
Late Ramamani Ranjan Mohanta
Dance and Music Teacher
10th Pass and great Chhau guru in Mayurbhanj Chhau dance
Mr. Pagulu Jena
Dance Teacher
B.A Pass and Teacher S.N.A Project New Delhi
Mr. Trilochan Mohanta
Dance Teacher
+2 Pass, Diploma in Chhau Dance, Guest faculty U.K. Culture and senior teacher S.N.A Project , New Delhi
Mr. Rama Chandra Das
Dance Teacher
+2 Pass
Mr. Goura Mohan Mohanta
Music Teacher
Accompanist Lect. In Utkal Sangeet Mahabidyalaya, Bhubaneswar
Mr. Biranchi Mohanta
Music Teacher
Music Teacher S.N.A Project New Delhi