Our Creativity Works

Our artists are our product.We shows our quality by their performs only.Most of the artists of our institution are graduate post graduate and matriculate. Every year we are participating in Mayurbhanj Chhau Competition and having position, during last 5 years continuously we got 1st position. 8 member of our institution have got National Senior young Artist Scholarship, and 2 members of our institution have got National Junior Artist Scholarship till now. We audit our documents and organize meeting in regular time interval.

Awerness Camp

we arrange different awareness camp for development of our people. And we also protect Forest, Planting Plants, Clean Street, Pond, Well etc. Every year we have done many programs for awerness in our locality and around our country.We give important for social work also as well as our chhou program.For our social work we also acheived award of best social workers in our locality and in our district.For this matter Our organization also affiliated with NGO partnership system and Mayurbhanj Chhau nrutya pratisthan where the president is Mayurbhanj collector.

Just Watch and know us